Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wedding Invitations

Who to invite to your wedding can be a tough decision to make. 

Sometimes couples have set a determined budget for the wedding, and if this is the case you need to have a maximum number of people you can invite. 

Remember every person you invite makes the wedding more expensive. Most banquet halls charge per plate, meaning the more people you invite the more money you will have to pay. 

Keep this in mind when doing the research as to where you will be hosting your after-party. 

If you are having a ceremony at home, this won't be such a big issue, but you still have to consider that the more people you invite, the more money you need to spend on chairs and foods. 

Besides price, you also want to discuss as a couple who you will be inviting. Remember that you want a nice wedding without any conflict so it is extremely important that you invite only those individuals that are not going to cause problems in your wedding. 

I have heard horror stories from brides who have invited the wrong individuals, or people who didn't get along, and it ended up being a nightmare of a wedding for the bride. To read more stories like this one, and for more positive stories you can go to Say Yes Wedding Dresses and read their blog on their site. They have endless wedding stories that you can learn from. 

This is completely unfair to the bride, and completely unnecessary. Make sure to avoid this. 

Also, remember to tell your guests to please reply for the reservation. You need to know who really is coming so that you don't end up over paying for empty chairs. It would be so unfair for you to have to pay for a plate that nobody ever ate because at the last minute they decided not to show up. 

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If you follow these tips, you are going to have an amazing wedding. I wish you the best.